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Oops, something FRIKEN BROKE AGAIN!!!!!
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Are you people not tired of this friken error yet?!!!!!!!!!

I was attacking this guys base and I destroyed 3 towers and two silos and I was still attacking and then BLAM! "oops something broke and our top boffins (aren't) on it!"

Now, I lost like 15 crabatrons and I am DANGEROUSLY low on goo, I have > 900000 now and now his towers have been fixed so that his 2 snipes are only half dead and a splash has no damage, and only one of his silos are dead and I didn't gain the loot.


sorry, I just seriously needed to vent :/

9 years ago
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9 years ago
9 years ago

:3 wow...

It happens to me ALL the time. Just chill...

9 years ago

Its like every other CC game, get a part of it working (barely) and move onto the next.

9 years ago

I am really tired of the error!

one time when i was attacking and i did send out some davesn crabatrons, and a litle more the error came and I did like destroy well.. nothing just becuse the f***** error!!

I get this like 7 times everyday!!! :(


9 years ago

you get your monsters back...

9 years ago

damn that error! i cant access my map room without that thing poping up on me. now ppl are attacking me and i cant do anything.

9 years ago

Quote from ninja244, 9 years ago:

you get your monsters back...


But I didn't get my monsters back! 
9 years ago